Randy Keeler trains corporate professionals to deliver extraordinary business presentations. His private and group coaching instructs individuals in public speaking, speech writing, and the implementation of creative visuals.


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… scarier than shots

… scarier than flying


… scarier than spiders


… scarier than zombies

… scarier than snakes

… scarier than death

Isn’t it time you quit being afraid of public speaking?



Randy Keeler

Coaches good and awful speakers

As the founder of Inspire Communications, executive coach Randy Keeler’s unique business acumen gives him an edge in coaching and advising business entrepreneurs and executives in public presentation skills. Using his proven principles of success Randy coaches others in bringing dull presentations from mediocrity to inspiration. As a result, CEOs, managers, leaders, sales people, and employees are challenged to new heights of excellence and passion.

After working for nearly twenty years in visual design and marketing, Randy worked in the trenches of Fortune 500 companies and knows the challenges of executive-level communication. He has a proven record of success in online marketing, graphic design, and interactive media that earned him the respect of organizations around the country.


Presentation How To’s:

1. Crafting Your Message

A well-known photographer was asked how he took such great pictures, he replied, “Well, often times it has nothing to do with snapping the best shots, but simply knowing what pictures to throw away.”  It’s the same with crafting an outline for a speech. You gotta know what to keep and what to throw. Creating compelling content is hard work. But when done well the end result is others will be inspired and motivated to action.

2. Delivering Your Speech

Many speech coaches and programs simply train individuals to “speak better”without ever addressing the private fears, intimidation, and negative self-talk that serve as the real reason they struggle in public speaking.  As a result, people feel they are simply “faking it” when giving presentations, rather than becoming the inspiring speakers individuals they long to be.

3. Using Killer Visuals

Let’ blow up ineffective Powerpoint presentations that we’ve all come to hate. Let’s create visuals that work. An effective PowerPoint presentation should enhance the words coming out of the presenter’s mouth, with the least amount visual clutter.  Remember, the presentation is you, not the slides.  The visuals merely exist to play a supporting role, not to be the center of the presentation. Your audience has come to see you, not 500 slides.


Randy Keeler Delivers Transformational Keynote Speeches

Randy Keeler’s is most noted for his inspiring passion.  He possesses a great ability to transform people to achieve their God-given goals and potential.  His vast business experience gives him a unique insight into coaching business professionals. Through his keynote addresses, he challenges audiences to a higher standard of excellence, passionate communication, innovative thinking, and developing over the top business presentations that inspire people.  As a result, CEOs, managers, leaders, sales people, and employees are challenged to new heights of excellence and passion.


What attendees say about Randy…



“Very educational.  Always love your passion!”

Attendee / Nashville TN


“Great energy and voice inflection.  Great out of the box topic!  Was relevant and exciting.”

Attendee / Nashville TN


“Awesome examples and topic!  Your voice inflections and body language was appropriate and engaging.  Hearing you speak is awesome.  You make your passions known, and I love hearing more about you.  Great speech!”

Attendee / Nashville TN


“Thank you for the topic – Amen!  Kudos for sharing your personal story with us.  Awesome word choices and comparisons.”

Attendee / Nashville TN


“Great opening – contrasting the past with the current day – then the big question.  Amazing use of the room.  Good facts and statistics.  Loved the visual aids.  Great ending.”

Attendee / Nashville TN


Loved it. Thank you for the challenge!

Attendee / Nashville TN


“Great speech!  Very though provoking.  You’re very passionate about things and that comes through in all your speeches.”

Attendee / Nashville, TN


“Excellent passion and charisma, clear and easy to understand.  Always a pleasure to hear you speak.”

Attendee / Nashville TN


“Great opening – pulled the crowd in.  You always engage the room complimenting the audience – well done.”

Attendee / Nashville, TN


“Great use of a broad topic that everyone could relate to on some level.  Personally I love the topic!  Loved the slides – you always find great pictures.”

Attendee / Nashville, TN


“Your passion is always wonderful!  Loved the use of facts (really educated me).  Also liked how you made if personal by telling your personal story.”

Attendee / Nashville, TN


“Nice examples and visuals.  Good voice projection.  Your cadence really kept my attention.  This was a very inspiring speech that has motivated me . . . “

Attendee / Nashville TN


Words are the best tools we have for moving people to action. Spoken words can instill courage and ignite emotions; they can upend stale dogmas and illuminate new horizons—but only if you know how to truly connect with your audience.

Gary Hamel
Author / Leading the Revolution

Speak Up …

“We live in an era where the best way to make a dent on the world may no longer be to write a letter to the editor or publish a book. It may be simply to stand up and say something . . . because both the words and the passion with which they are delivered can now spread across the world at warp speed.”

Chris Anderson
TED TALKS: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking

Less is more …

“In presentations or speeches less really is more”

Stephen Keague
The Little Red Handbook of Public Speaking and Presenting

Face to Face …

“While communication today runs on the rails of the digital age, big revenue-generating ideas are still won face to face.  Promotions are still fought for and earned face to face. While social media has connected the world, our ability to effectively interact with those face-to-face connections is diminishing.”

Randy Keeler

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