Private Coaching

Sometimes You Just Need 1:1 Sessions


There are times when a custom, one to one approach is the best way forward. Randy’s private coaching utilizes all the proven techniques used in his group coaching but personalizes them to meet the specific needs of an individual.

Whether you’re preparing for a big presentation, a high-profile meeting, or want to increase your stage presence, private coaching provides a unique way to help you achieve those specific goals.

Private coaching is aimed at transforming individuals from the inside out.  Many speech coaches and programs simply train individuals to “speak better”without ever addressing the private fears, intimidation, and negative self-talk that serve as the real reason they struggle in public speaking.  As a result, people feel they are simply “faking it” when giving presentations, rather than becoming the inspiring speakers individuals they long to be.

Many tell Randy he has a life-changing ability to individuals to overcome their fears through his massive encouragement and real keys to success.

General Subjects in 1:1 Sessions:

  • Evaluate an individuals core strengths and weakness and determine what communication style is uniquely suited to the individual.
  • Help individuals write compelling content so others will be inspired and motivated to action.
  • Provide systematic exercises in the technical aspects of giving great speeches such as: pitch, volume, inflection, gestures, dramatic pauses, voice, projection, posture, and many more
  • Developing the “Personal Brand” of your public image
  • Use video feedback to assess strengths and weaknesses
  • Confidence Building
  • Clothing and appearence
  • Using mind maps and outlines, we’ll consider what content is important and what’s not.