Effective speakers have a solid foundation of personal confidence. Without it, speakers face a tough uphill battle.


Course Title

Building Confidence from the Inside Out


Course Summary

This session is aimed at transforming individuals from the inside out.  Many speech coaches and corporate programs simply train business professionals to “speak better” without ever addressing the private fears, intimidation, and negative self-talk that many struggle with in public speaking.  As a result, well meaning individuals feel they are simply “faking it” when giving speeches, rather than being the inspiring speakers individuals they desire to be.

Many tell Randy that he “has a life-changing ability” to inspire groups to overcome fears through his positive encouragement and proven keys to success.


The Problem:

Individuals who never seem to conquer their fear of public speaking.  They’ve tried numerous “tips and tricks” but their inner fears keep them from developing into the inspirational speaker they wish to become.

female_09The Solution:

Assess fears, and give practical nuts and bolts approaches as to how to conquer them.  The results are transformed people who feel comfortable presenting in one-to-one and group presentations.

You will learn to:

  • Discover the true fears that have kept you intimidated by public speaking
  • Dismantle these fears one by one
  • Stop sabotaging yourself and maintain confidence
  • Learn practical, easy to implement strategies that will make it easy to present in public
  • Practice these solutions in a supportive and encouraging environment with session peers


Session Duration:

  • One Hour
  • Full day with multiple sessions


Formats Available:

  • Face-to-face coaching at your location
  • Online coaching


Loved it. Thank you for the challenge!

Attendee / Nashville TN


Nice, passionate delivery, your conclusion was very effective and well organized.

Attendee / Nashville TN


“Great speech!  Very though provoking.  You’re very passionate about things and that comes through in all your speeches.”

Attendee / Nashville, TN