Using Visuals


Let’ blow up ineffective Powerpoint presentations that we’ve all come to hate.  Start creating visuals that work.


An effective Powerpoint presentation should enhance the speakers presentation, with the least amount visual clutter.  The slides should simply serve to improve the speaker’s message.  The presentation is centered around the speaker not a commentary of 500 slides.  The visuals merely play a supporting role.  Most presentations stink because presenters goof this whole thing up by making the slides the focus.

This session will cover the essentials of how to properly use visuals to convey your message and enhance the listeners retention.


The Problem:

Ugly slides – and many of them.


The Solution:

Speakers who have little or no graphic experience can learn to create incredible slide decks buy using the resources Randy Keeler provides. Presenters will also learn other visual methods to retain audience retention.


How to Use Effective Visuals


Topics Discussed:

  • How to use graphics to support your topic
  • Slides: the Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly
  • Current trends in presentation graphics
  • Understand how people assimilate information with graphics
  • Imaginative ways to use visuals
  • How to use infographics
  • How visuals retain attention and memory
  • Using props to reinforce your topic
  • Innovation in visual communication
  • Where to obtain graphics for your presentations


Session Duration:

  • One Hour
  • Full day with multiple sessions

Formats Available:

  • Face-to-face coaching at your location
  • Online coaching


Loved it. Thank you for the challenge!

Attendee / Nashville TN


Nice, passionate delivery, your conclusion was very effective and well organized.

Attendee / Nashville TN


“Great speech!  Very though provoking.  You’re very passionate about things and that comes through in all your speeches.”

Attendee / Nashville, TN