The Outline


A well-known photographer was asked how he took such great pictures, he replied, “Well, often it has nothing to do with snapping the best shots, but simply knowing what pictures to throw away.”  It’s the same with crafting an outline for a speech.  You gotta know what to keep and what to throw.


The objective of this session is to help people craft a well organized speech outline.  This serves as a general guide of what they’ll communicate to their audience.  Building a strong introduction is imperative in getting the attention of the listeners.  It should keep them from turning on their phones!   The content of your speech (body) should contain fantastic content – appropriate to your audience.  And finally, the conclusion should impact your audience with take-aways that will transform them to change.

Creating compelling content is hard work. But when done well, people will be inspired and motivated to action.


The Problem:

Disorganized, confusing, long, boring, and wandering speeches


The Solution:

Randy shows how to take a complex idea and organize it into a comprehensive easy-to-follow presentation.  Discuss what points should be included, and which should be discarded.


How to Craft an Effective Speech Outline


Session Topics Discussed:

  • Using mind-mapping to organize your speech ideas
  • Using notes
  • How to craft a attention-getting outline
  • Implement a “more is less” and “less is more” philosophy in drafting content
  • Effective story-telling
  • Creating an outline that’s tailored to your personality
  • Determining what points to keep and what to throw
  • Presenting a written speech
  • Using ideas that get remembered
  • Writing killer introductions that get people to listen
  • Researching your topic
  • Using mind-maps to organize your speech ideas


Session Duration:

  • One Hour
  • Full day with multiple sessions


Formats Available:

  • Face-to-face coaching at your location
  • Online coaching


“Excellent passion and charisma, clear and easy to understand.  Always a pleasure to hear you speak.”

Attendee / Nashville TN


“Great opening – pulled the crowd in.  You always engage the room complimenting the audience – well done.”

Attendee / Nashville, TN